Terms of service

Observe! You need to read the following and accept the terms before you can take part of our services. By becoming a paying member, you consent to having read and understood the meaning of the text below. Further on in the text, The FODMAP kitchen will be referred to as the service, the publishers as the suppliers and You as the member.  

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The service is purely informative. The suppliers does not respond to personal questions about diets or food. Nor does the supplier, in any other way, give personal advise or make personal adaptations for the members.  According to the research carried out at Monash University (monash.edu) in Australia, up to 75% of those struggling with IBS can benifit from FODMAP. These are generel results, and therefore should not be seen as s guarantee for this service.  If you are looking for individual consultation or have questions about changes in your diet you should turn to a licensed dietician or nutritionist who will be able to give you advise. 

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The payment for the service is via our parter PayEx. PayEx encrypts and securely saves your credit card information to simplify your future payments to us. The information will never be chared with a third party.  By agreeing to these terms you also allow us to charge your credit card with a payment of €9 once, which give you one year (365 days) access to the service from the day of the payment.  This service has no right to withdraw since its regulated by the law of distance contracts (DAL). The right to withdraw does not apply when the service is completed and the member expressly has, by agreeing to this text and by paying, agreed to start the service without any right to withdraw. No refund can be made once the credit card has been charged. When a year (365 days) has passed your access to the service will terminate. Your membership will remain and for another €9 you will once again have full access to the service. 

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thefodmapkitchen.com is a home page made for giving inspiration to recipes low in FODMAP. The service is to be seen as a digital cookbook to give you inspiration for cooking food that allows you to avoid FODMAP or keep the levels low. If you are uncertain when it comes to changing your diet or about FODMAP, contact a licensed dietician or nutritionist who will be able to create a personally adapted plan.  The service does not take allergies or intolerances into account. If you, as a member, are allergic to any ingredient used in the recipes, it is your own responsibility to adapt the recipes. If you have any questions, always contact a licensed dietician or nutritionist. Your own health and well being is always your responsibility. By agreeing to this text, you accept this. The supplier does not own copyright to the title FODMAP. However, all the texts and images are copyright protected. By copying or distributing any protected data you will violate the Copyright Act.  The FODMAP kitchen is a digital service made to be used in your smart phone, tablet or computer and can not be copied nor printed.  We store the following information:  Name E-mail address User name Number of times you have entered the wrong password The date and time of your last login The date and time of your last change of password The date and time of your payment for the service Which recipes you have marked as favourites Which recipes you have in your weekly menu.

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The terms for the service may be updated and changed. You as a member will be informed about this via e-mail. It is up to the member to read in on the new terms

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Friskgymnasten i Hudiksvall AB 556791-7090 info@johanssonskok.se  (Only for questions about memberships and technical issues. No advise on diets and adaptations will be given.)