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The recipes in the FODMAP kitchen are all completely free from or low in FODMAP and basically free from gluten and lactose. You can easily plan the menu for the whole week and get a complete shopping list direct to your mobile phone.

The FODMAP kitchen is created by Emma and Linus Johansson and is a digital cookbook that is costantly filled up with new recipes, tips and smart strategies.

"The FODMAP kitchen offers all kinds of dishes, from the quick and easy ones to rustique slow cooking. We belive in good, healthy and environmentally friendly food that is kind to your stomach.”

Emma and Linus are entrepreneurs in health care and since they are also very interested in healthy food they have created thefodmapkitchen.com

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Dish of the day

Grilled chicken legs with roasted vegetables

Simple and ridiculously delicious. All in the same dish it basically cooks itself.

Another amazing cooking-itself-recipe. Because chicken thighs have bones in them they contain much more flavour than chicken breasts.

Letting them cook alongside with lovely vegetables and spices is a guarantee for a lovely dinner. The secret is to choose vegetables that contain lots of liquid. They can handle the oven heat better than others.

The chicken is served with the side dish of your choice.